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    UL has issued FOKY2&8.E72928
Approval Basics
Certification InstituteULCertificatesee " --> online certifications directory" for yellow page(s)

UL CoA E72928Vol05Sec08 20190910.pdfUL CoA E72928Vol05Sec08 20190910.pdf

UL CoC E72928Vol05Sec08 20181201.pdfUL CoC E72928Vol05Sec08 20181201.pdf
UL - UL CoC E72928Vol05Sec08 20181201.pdf; UL CoA E72928Vol05Sec08 20190910.pdf
Approval TypecURus: CoA & CoCBasis for ApprovalPG06/PEM with mains filter
Approval Id.FOKY2&8.E72928Approval Reference
Approval issued09/10/2019Approval valid untilunrestricted
Approval Statusvalid / gültig
Initiator of ProjectSAGProject Number
StandardsCSA Std C22.2 No. 8, UL 1283
Product TypeC20F, C22F